3 Ways to create a cybersecurity culture with your clients

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) play a critical role in safeguarding client data and infrastructure. Eddie explores three effective strategies to cultivate a strong cybersecurity culture within organizations. He emphasizes the significance of comprehensive understanding of cybersecurity concepts, the risks, and client “buy-in”. How do you expand, improve, and build a cybersecure company and help your client’s to invest in it? Eddie dives into the concepts that will drive your security to the next level.

Eddie Phillips


Eddie has a diverse 27-year background in Information Technology and business. Eddies roots are in enterprise network engineering and IT security before he spent the last 14 years leading two different MSPs. Eddie also has some unconventional risk management experience as he spent 12 years as a semi-professional rodeo bullfighter, seriously. Eddie has a vision to lift MSPs out of the mire of cybersecurity “stack confusion” and raise the bar on what it means to be cyber-secure with the goal of forming a cohesive stance against cybercrime.