Quest - The real cost of doing Nothing: Review your risk mitigation strategy

Protect your endpoints and your backup data from ransomware and related cyberattacks. Ransomware has been around a long time. And as long as its perpetrators see the opportunity for financial gain, ransomware is surely here to stay. Along with the monetary impact of a ransomware attack comes the impact of trying to recover all the compromised data. According to a Forrester survey, 39% of the respondents said they had managed to recover only 50 to 74 percent of their data. Could you run your business on 50 to 74 percent of the data you used to have?

Edwin Stuiver


Edwin Stuiver lives to blow stuff up; a digital native, started his career at security expert Symantec working with customers who really messed up their systems. He scaled up rapidly helping Systems Management specialist On Technology literally managing 100.000’s of client systems. After moving back to the Netherlands, Edwin joined the Partner Software team for one of the most valuable IT-brands in the World: Dell Technologies. He was the architect behind some of the most successful go to market strategies with 3rd party software in EMEA. As part of his tenure with Dell Technologies, Edwin delivered the strongest marketing turnaround on Quest Software since Quest’s divesture from Dell. Edwin joined the Quest Software team in 2022, and once again looks after managing client systems

Peter de Vente


Peter started working in the world of data protection in 2005 for BakBone Software, later acquired by Quest Software. In the years that passed, he developed a deep knowledge around the 'ins and outs' of backup, restore and disaster recovery as a presales engineer in EMEA.